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We pride our selves on offering a professional installation, the highest quality films and a price that is hard to beat. If your looking for window tinting services in Nottingham then give us a call on 0115 97 55 111.

Why fit aftermarket window tints to your car?

  • Economy - Because Llumar auto-tint cools your car, less air conditioner energy is required. And because your air conditioner makes your engine work harder, you will conserve on fuel.
  • Cool - Is how your car should feel and look. That's the whole idea behind Llumar window film.
  • Comfort - Llumar auto-tint screens heat from the sun to reduce the inside temperature of your car by as much as 10%. It also gives you more privacy and enhances overall appearance.
  • Fade Reduction - Llumar auto-tint is a totally deep dyed film and filters virtually all of the sun' damaging ultraviolet rays that bleach and fade upholstery and carpeting.
  • Sun-Filter - Llumar auto-tint acts like sunglasses, filtering the sun's glare to substantially reduce visual fatigue.

Why use Tint-R Nottingham?

  • Experience - We have been an authorised installer for over 12 Years! With thousands of satisfied customers from across the UK!
  • Equipment - We know that cheap tools and equipment can spoil the job, thats why we use only the very best tried and tested tools for the job.
  • Products - We exclusively use SL Llumar Tints for a professional and lasting finish.
  • Service - Our twelve years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers are a testament to our commitment to quality service.
  • Price - Our prices have always been very competitive and we are sure you will not find a cheaper like for like quote elsewhere.
  • Guarantee - We are sure of our service and products, therefore we offer a lifetime guarantee on all the tints we install.

Window Tinting Gallery

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Window tinting Nottingham

Tint-R are the East Midlands leading automotive window tinting company. Established in 1999 we have tinted over 4000 cars of all shapes and sizes. Our wealth of experience in tinting windows on such a wide variety of cars will ensure that your car looks perfect! Don't settle for second best and trust in our years of experience.

Approved installers

As we are approved Llumar Film installers all of our workshop equipment is of the highest standard. We use the best tools and films to ensure that your car is tinted to the highest standard. It is because of our experience and level of service that we are able to offer a lifetime guarantee on the tints that we install

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